Lithuanian Biomass Energy Association LITBIOMA

Lithuanian Biomass Energy Association LITBIOMA was established in summer of 2003 and is currently comprised of more than 50 members. The association involves the producers and suppliers of solid biomass and other renewable local resources, such as wood, straw, energetic willows, peat, as well as the producers and designers of solid biomass boiler rooms and other equipment, developers of plantations, heat suppliers and academic institutions.

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Lithuanian Wind Power Association

The Lithuanian Wind Power Association unites Lithuanian wind energy market participants, i.e. wind energy investors, facility producers, and service providers. The Association pursues its activities in cooperation with national and international entities. In order to promote wind energy development, it also mediates the dialogue between wind power companies and the national authorities.

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Renewable Energy Producers Association

Activities: Combines the renewable energy producers; Represents the interests of association members; Provide suggestions and guidance on legislation related to renewable energy production and utilization; In other ways and instruments promote and support the production of renewable energy.

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Lithuanian Solar Energy Association

Lithuanian solar energy association was established in 2009. Association goal is to provide society with information about solar energy. The mission of Solar energy association is to make solar energy a mainstream energy source and realize the full potential of the solar industry in Lithuania. Association is a member os ISES organization ( .

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Enefit Green

The main areas of business of Enefit Green are the development of the renewable energy industry and the operation of power production.  Enefit Green is constantly evaluating potential markets and new technologies and is establishing new business relationships within the sector as the renewable energy continues to expand.

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Danpower Baltic

Danpower GmbH is operated by the municipal services company of Hannover municipality Stadtwerke Hannover AG which works under the trademark Enercity. Stadtwerke Hannover AG, which is based in Hannover, has 2,700 employees, and has sales amounting to EUR 2.5 billion. The company, whose strategy is based on growth, develops renewable energy infrastructure not only in Germany but also in the Baltic states.

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Eternia Solar

Eternia Solar is a renewable energy contractor. In cooperation with customers, the company develops strategic solutions for the long-term effectiveness of each project. A team of experienced experts works responsibly in many areas of solar energy: from energy efficiency planning and project implementation to the provision of long-term, power plant maintenance. Eternia Solar is trusted by customers from the manufacturing, logistics, retail and other sectors. Eternia Solar can be proud of one of the largest solar power plants in the Baltic States!

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Biofuels Association

Biofuels Association was established in 2006. At present it unites the following companies: UAB “Kurana”, UAB “Mestilla”, AB „Obelių aliejus“, UAB „Pasvalio agrochemija“, UAB „Rapsoila“ and cooperative „Mūšos aruodai.“ Representing interests of its members, Biofuels Association communicates with state institutions, enterprises, organizations; helps for the parties to keep a constructive dialogue, seeking rational solutions; prepares draft laws and proposals on issues relevant to biofuels sector; provides legal opinion on draft legal acts, as well as consults and advises institutions and society on all matters related to production, trade and consumption of biofuels.

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